Barberini Palace tour

Il tour includes: Barberini Palace, Corsini Gallery. 

There are places in Rome that you absolutely must visit at least once in your life and Palazzo Barberini is certainly one of them.

We will discover together who the Barberini were and why the fame linked to this family originally from Tuscany increased considerably over time.

Entering this museum means knowing a collection of pictorial works ranging from 1200 to 1700. Our tour begins with works that date back to the late Middle Ages, such as painted icons and crosses, much in vogue at the time because they are considered the only means to indoctrinate the faithful, mainly illiterate.

Continuing the visit means not only advancing over the years until reaching the 1400s, a revolutionary century for the history of art, but also knowing one of the greatest exponents of the Florentine Renaissance, Filippo Lippi with his Annunciation.

Once on the upper floor of the Museum, we will come to contemplate the great masterpiece of Raphael, the Fornarina, the artist’s inspiring lover and muse; as well as other famous works by Caravaggio: the “Narciso” and “Giuditta e Oloferne”.

 Worthy of special mention is the “Triumph of Divine Providence“, by Pietro da Cortona. A magnificent painting that adorns the vault of the main floor hall, which with its colors and symbols had the aim of maximizing the prestige and power of the Barberini family.

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and Frescoes


2 Hours Tour



The tour includes: Barberini Palace, Corsini Gallery.



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