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Francesca Perna - Official tourist guide - Rome and You

Hello! My name is Francesca.
I am a tourist guide and I'm glad of it!

I’ve always been passionate about art and archeology. That’s why I decided to graduate from “La Sapienza” University. 

During my studies I asked myself: who do I show and tell the beauties of Rome? The aswer was just one: to tourists from all over the world

In 2018 I obtained the qualification as a tourist guide, following a six-month training course with a final examination.

Then, I improved my knowledge of sacred art in Rome, cradle of christianity, by partecipating in the course “Arte nelle Chiese”, organized by the Diocese of Rome.

I feel really lucky to be a tourist guide. Every day I have the possibility to show you different places and to meet people. You enrich my days every day and I try to share my passion with you and make your experience unique and funny.

Why “Rome & You”?

The main focus of “Rome & You” is to create authentic and unique experiences, leading you to discover the treasure and the history of Rome. 

Through my guided tours, you will experience Rome, its history, its traditions and its food, like a true local does!

Obviously, each tours is fully customizable. I can completely change the tour according to your needs and your requests.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tour and make the very best of the time you have in Rome!

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